Wine Club

As wine becomes more and more popular, more and more wineries are creating Wine Clubs for their customers.  Joining your favorite winery’s Wine Club makes sense.  Many small wineries do not charge annual fees to be a member of their wine club and you will typically receive exclusive discounts on the wines as an incentive to join.

The advantage of being a part of a winery’s wine club is not only to receive discounts, but many wine clubs also offer exclusive Wine Club Member Only events.  Many also make wine only for members that you would otherwise not be able to purchase.  It’s an easy and exciting way to stay on top of “what’s new” at your favorite wineries.  Most wineries have a selection of offerings, whether it be different bottle quantities, or style of wine preferred.  Each winery’s club is unique and will offer you something different.

At Northern Vineyards we have three levels, Gold, Platinum and Diamond level.  Our wine club members receive discounts, invitations to exclusive Wine Club Member Only events and more!  Once you are a member of our wine club, for every person you refer to our wine club who signs up, you will receive one free shipment of equal value.  Check out our wine club information on our website for more details or click the link for a wine club application!

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